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Class One Series Vita Power Water

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Introducing CLASS ONE series!


New Advanced Oil Resolution Synthetic Detergent: Class One Series Line Up!

There are 3 kinds of class One series.

Class One Series are not even removing or displacement oil, which is resolved into nanosized level as a micellar state.

Class One Series contain extremely low amount of surfactant, which are eco-friendly products. 

Explanation for each 3 kinds of Class One Series.

■Class One 103K

・ph7 Synthetic

Suitable for kitchens’ cleaning such as in restaurants, cafeterias, and food shops, for factories’ waste oil disposal, and improvement of drain systems.

・Admitted safety using as dish-wash detergent. 

Class One 103K Analytical Test Results


■Class One 3000

・ph8 Weak alkaline

Cleaning for kitchens of restaurantshallsapparatusfoods factories.

Also, utensils and dishes in kitchens, floors and walls for household uses.


■Class One 5000s/s

・ph11 Weak alkaline

Suitable for resolution of greasy viscous oil such as in factories, apparatus, facilities( including machine parts ), vehicle・marine vessel (including each parts)


■Class One sea

・ph7 Synthetic

・Acquired type approval by Japan Ministry of Land; also, secure and safety Oil Resolution which passed strict examinations by Maritime Safety Agency. 

Class One sea NEWS


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