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Cleaning disposal toner by Advanced Oil Resolution Synthetic Detergent; Class One 103K !



Cleaning disposal toner (carbon type) by Class One Series 103K !

Class One 103K has been used by Palm oil surfactant, which is ph7.0 Synthetic Natural Type. 

No remain harmful for human and environment, No ignitability, and No explicability

Powerful resolution of greasy viscous oil by Class One Series!

Introduciung CLASS ONE series


Cleaning disposal toner stains (carbon type) the pictures under below.


The pigment of toner is carbon type stains.
Wiping with water the toner color being spreaded out because of hydrophobic!



Spraying Class One 103K on the toner stain!


Beginning to dissolve the toner stain.


Removing off the toner stain by lightly wiping with tissue!


“The others

・Cleaning kitchens in Restaurants, cafeterias, and food shops

Disposal waste oil of factories

Remedy of plugging drain pipes

・Laundry (washing oil stains on clothes) and washing dishes, cleaning floors, and using household

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