Deem and reassemble our mother earth by water Shin-ei Japan.
Class One Series Vita Power Water

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“Water for next generation” Its developing new products.

We have been continuing developing and accumulating our technology of ceramic water which originally has effects ( freshness-retaining force, sprouting・viability, dissolving force, heating and melting force, and anti-rusting force ).
We manifest various great effects for health, energy saving, and environment.

Management philosophy

Our company continue to exist for necessities of the world, customers, and employees, whose families’ love.

Company Profile

Company name Shin-ei Japan Co.,Ltd.
Address 1-10 Shinden-Nishimachi, Daito city, Osaka 574-0057, Japan
Tel no.: +81-72-806-7800 / Fax no.: +81-72-806-7501
Establishment date October 1st,1993
Capital fund 30 million yen
Contents of business Manufacture and sales: Production functional water apparatus, Ultrapure water・Ionic exchange water apparatus, Reverse osmosis membrane device, Purifying apparatus for tap water and well water, Peripheral equipment
Number of employees 10
Name of representative Representative Director Tadao Imanishi
The manufacturer Shin-ei Sangyo Co.,Ltd
Bank reference MitsubishiTokyoUFJ Bank Konoikeshinden branch
Main customers Mandam Co.,Ltd. Indonesia second plant, PT. Clever Trading Indonesia, Repro Kansai
Nitto Seiko Co.,Ltd., West Japan Co.,Ltd., Arves Co.,Ltd., Kishin construction Co.,Ltd., Toyo product GF Holdings, P.D.C.A. Co.,Ltd., Messe Corporation Co.,Ltd., NissyoIwai Co.,Ltd., US Treasure Co.,Ltd., Pacific Co.,Ltd., Honda Primo Auto Osaka Co.,Ltd., Japan Tabaco Sangyo Co.,Ltd., University Setsunan Pharmaceutical department
, Hoshizaki Hanshin Co.,Ltd., Consulate General of Edwin Brazil, Panasonic Co.,Ltd.
, KIrakuyu, Tokyu Hands, Nara coop, Heiwado Co.,Ltd., Nippon water research Co.,Ltd.
, and others 488 companies

History and Development

1993 Established Shin-ei Japan Co.,Ltd
1996~2000 Ministry of Agriculture selected us the commission for promotion of “New materials horticulture practical application technology development” within a food industry of the Advanced Technology Development Project
2001 Moving the office to Daito city, Osaka
2002 Ministry of Economy selected us the commission for promotion of the Global Environment Protection Industrial Technologies Development, preventing global warming problems.
2003 Ministry of Economy selected us Kyoto Protocol Target Achievement Technological Development and Improvement Project selected “Functional Ceramics Processing Reduce Burden on The Environment Type Technology Development”
2008 Starting research and development “Advanced Oil Resolution Synthetic Detergent” by basically Vita Power Water.
2015 Launched in 2015 “ Abvanced oil Desolation Synthetic Detergent “
2018 25th anniversary

Transport Access

1-10 Shinden-Nishimachi, Daito city, Osaka 574-0057, Japan
Tel no.: +81-72-806-7800 / Fax no.: +81-72-806-7501